2013 - 2015
Founder • Service Design • UX/UI Design • Team Lead

Pitchme was our second venture, centred around an exciting problem: how to help organisations generate and find high quality ideas for innovation and improvements.

It came to us during our participation at a startup accelerator. We saw how ineffective it was to gather feedback on our ideas, how hard was it to tap into the wisdom of the crowds around us without getting either ignored, or overwhelmed.

I established a team of six to explore this space. Our approach was to investigate how might we inspire crowds to generate new ideas, and then debate and filter them.

The resulting product focused on stimulating habitual use of — submitting, browsing, ranking, and commenting. We also looked at some early sentiment analysis to try delivering the most relevant content to the most relevant humans.

We raised some money but due to changes in our team's priorities, and difficulty in finding a completely functioning solution in over a year we finally closed shop.