RCA/GID Application

Process • Application

Welcome to my last project. Perhaps slightly weird, perhaps slightly presumptuous. I hope to showcase a little bit of my process.

The challenge

With this meta-piece I thought to showcase a little bit of my process in context that might be perhaps the most relatable — this application.

I learned about GID thanks to life’s wonderful serendipity at the beginning of March. As I considered whether it’s realistic to formulate an effective application in such short time, I researched to understand the school, the application software and format, and talked with my mentors.

Finally, I decided to make a dash for it — taking time off all my work projects to formulate this application in about two weeks. If anything else, I’ve had a chance to update my website and ponder if I am on the right path.

I've learned about GID very recently. While I've been considering doing masters, I haven't actively pursued it. However, GID caught my eye.

I've spent quite a lot of time in the past two years questioning how best to apply my skills in a meaningful way in the world. When I started looking into the GID programme I quickly understood what role it could play in my journey.

To formulate a good application I established my positioning and a set of principles under which to execute the work. They key questions for me were: (1) the high-level destination, and (2) which role would GID play on my way there.

I found it imperative to understand the formats and limitations. Chopping up and submitting my regular commercial portfolio wouldn't be enough.

And so I created a presentation for the RCA web app but also an improved reading experience to live on my website www.pac.al (Which will later be morphed into my new commercial portfolio).

Thank you for reading.

And thank you for considering me for your degree program.

The prospect of developing myself and my projects at GID is an inspiring one. The environment you created seems to truly enable the agency of people driven by impact, which I consider myself to be.

I am quite certain that it would be a fruitful ground for my work and growth.

I sincerely hope to see you at an interview, allowing you to get to know me better.

Best regards,
Joe Pacal