2018 - present
Entrepreneurship • Head of Product

Helping companies explore future value.

The challenge

During the span of my product career, I discovered that many of the excellent methodologies we use to design, engineer, and make are not quite complete. Design Thinking, Lean and Agile methodologies all greatly improve the respect for users, technical quality, and economic efficiency. But they also each seem to lack in various areas.

For example they often lack regard for ethical and systemic impact. They don't offer fully effective tools for collaboration. Or they lack in diligence and rigour.

I joined FRAMLABS because we work to overcome those gaps by exploring new methodologies that would guide us in making better decisions towards the future.

The key areas on which we focus are:

→ Alignment, inclusion, and human collaborationUnderstanding the path a hunch takes to become an applied solution, and supporting it in key moments

→ Teaching people to become effective innovators (both in corporate and public settings)

→ Exploring digital tools that make this complex process more palatable, less intimidating, but also trackable and rigorous.

Much of our work is concerned with human relationships and collaboration, as well as helping all individuals unlock their, often dismissed, creativity. This is supported by original tools, mostly created by Toby, but also our continued original research (see my Experiment Engine project).

Currently, we are a consultancy, with a mix of facilitated programs and think-tank services. I was invited to join the company in a bid to come up with more scaleable products and contribute to the journey of bringing our methods to a wider audience.

My responsibility lies around building out our experimental validation services, building digital tools,  exploring opportunities around start-up accelerators (and public sector), and creating a productization strategy to support a more scaleable revenue mix.

So far, my work brought substantial revenue in the form of validation experiments delivered to corporates, and having started building increased understanding of our user base that is informing the first concepts for our digital products.

If I get the chance to break off from FRAMLABS for my studies at RCA, I hope to leave the company with a strong product strategy, a first prototype driving monthly revenue, a network of digital creatives, and a warm opportunity stream of Finnish clients.


(However this website hasn't been updated for a while and doesn't reflect my contributions or our current stream of work. New website is just being cut and carved at our workshop.)