2018 - present
Research methodology • Service Design

Experiment Engine aims to make validating new market opportunities more comparable and reliable. If successful the methodology should become a core Framlabs intellectual property.

The challenge

There's one powerful methodology that helps navigate the world of uncertainty. The scientific method is the worlds best tool for an inquiry into the future. Its focus on rigour, repeatability, generalizability, reduction of errors and biases, and transparency in reporting help curious minds investigate the unknowns of tomorrow.

Why then the business methodologies are so lax? Borderline shamanistic. Inaccurate. Lazy. Opaque.

The Experiment Engine attempts to marry the principles of scientific method with business exploration.

The framework builds on top of my Data Driven Design methodology, and packages it into a boilerplate model using digital marketing tools.

It is designed to significantly lower our clients' risk of exploring daring questions. An experiment happens under a throwaway brand, and Framlabs holds and controls all the data.

Our clients get thorough, anonymized reporting, in a simplified language suitable for human discussion.

The final Experiment report also offers a complete description of our methods for the purposes of repeatability and transparency.