Talks & Mentoring

2016 - present
Public speaking • Teaching • Workshops

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and research with both professional and upcoming makers and designers. I run workshops, mostly in university or entrepreneurial settings but also 1-on-1 and as corporate mentoring.

The challenge

Hands down, a lot of what I know is owed to generous mentors and peer-support. These human conversations helped to expand my perspectives and arm me with new considerations when I needed it the most. In an effort to give back to my community, I teach public workshops, mentor at accelerators, and run a peer-support community called Ūndersurface.

One of my workshop series is Quickstart Guide to Visual Design — a practically oriented bootcamp for students & professionals to quickly, but dramatically raise their visual design chops. Another is Value Proposition workshop — a full-day, hands-on program aimed to help projects explore & hone in on their users and the value they create in the world.

Learning best happens when we have fun. When the energy in the room is good. When people are interested in the task. When it's a bit of a play!

All my events are designed to be very practical and collaborative; full of exercises, stories and silly things, rather than long theoretical talks.

Just a few days ago, coaching at an accelerator in Finland, my attendees came to say that they've learned more during my workshops than anywhere in the past year. They praised both the learning, format and buzzing energy. (And also the fact we managed to end an entire hour ahead of schedule.)

I am even more satisfied to have just seen them pitch, enjoying how value-focused their stories turned over the few weeks — hoping that some of it were due to our workshop & coaching.

I regularly deliver workshops at a number of institutions and countries. Mostly in Finland but also in Ireland, Estonia, and Czech Republic.